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I am so excited you have made the decision to make this the year you focus on mastering your health.

By making this decision you will:


  • Have abundant energy to enjoy your riding the way you want
  • Fit into your breeches and riding boots with ease
  • Increase your strength and suppleness
  • Transform your health and well being to become the fittest, healthiest version of yourself
  • Improve your position and the way you hold yourself on your horse

The 12 Step System To Mastering Your Health

The Health Mastery Program is a 12 part program comprising of 3 separate modules. Each one has been specially designed to lead into the next and at the end of the program you will come out with the tools, techniques and abundant energy to become the fittest, healthiest version of yourself.

Module 1: Psychology

Do you know what you want? Do you know what amazing health and energy feels like, looks like, sounds like? Do you know what the bad choices you are making now cost you in terms of health, longevity? What will you die of?

Are you addicted to wine? Chocolate? Potato chips? Cigarettes? Addiction is nothing more than a cocktail of hormones in your brain telling you to act. By understanding these chemicals and understanding how to get your ‘hit’ in another way, you can beat any addiction for good – easily and quickly!

What do you do when you are bored? Stressed? Happy? Sad? If the answer is eat, we have some work to do! These emotions are a gift of learning and enlightenment to help us become better human beings. We need to work through these emotions rather than ignore them and placate them with food. Learn how to do this and how to make yourself happy rather than eat.

Why do we need popcorn at the movies, ice cream at the beach, pizza on the couch on Friday night? We all have anchors and rituals around food that need to be collapsed and new ones put in place that serve our health and energy needs.

Module 2: Education

Do you know how to add herbs and spices for flavour? Do you know how to make your own pizza, burgers, chips, chocolate cake with no sugar and still taste great? You will learn to love the kitchen again and make the time to learn the recipes which mean you can still have your cake and eat it too, but if you want to eat it every day – how to make it healthy!

Do you know what are macros? Calories? What about different diets? Keto, Paleo, HCLF, Low fat, OMAD, IT, Vegetarian, Vegan… Do you know how to read food labels and know what is good for you? Learn everything you need to know about what makes up food.

How do we digest food and how do our bodies work with different macros and diets. Learn the importance of hormones that regulate fat storage – insulin, leptin and Ghrelin.

Learn everything you need to know about the importance of fasting for health and longevity as well as a fat loss tool. How to do it safely and fasting routines you can follow to optimise autophagy and prevent disease formation.

Module 3: Action Time

It’s time to put all that learning into ACTION!!! This is where it gets super exciting!! Look out!!

Learn how to move your body optimally for health, strength and longevity and how to love exercise and stick at it long term and enjoy it!

Learn extra supplementation and when it is necessary, as well as must do stretches and mediation to keep our body supple and our mind clear and stress free for ultimate health and longevity.

This is not a 12 month plan where you do it, get a result, then stop doing it and go back to what you were. This is an education system, where you are now empowered with the knowledge you need to maintain your health and weight for optimum energy and longevity. So how do you maintain your weight and what does ‘normal’ eating and exercise look like long term and why you will love it and stick to it forever!

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I am really excited to have you join us in Health Mastery. This is the start of a wonderful new journey for you and I look forward to guiding you to fulfilling those health goals and dreams that you are wanting to achieve.

See you on the inside so we can get started today!

To Your Health Mastery,

Natasha Althoff

P.S. You can have the results you dream of. You just need to know the system that gets results and take action.

P.P.S. I can’t wait to celebrate all your amazing success coming for you soon! Remember, this is to trial Part 1 of the program – you will need to let us know if you would not like to continue past the first part by emailing

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